Confusion using prune

stefandz     Jun 22 7:24AM 2017 CLI

Doing a bit of prune testing with duplicacy cli and running into issues - perhaps I misunderstand what's going on.

Let's say that I want to delete an entire remote backup, but keep my current files. For the purposes of this example, I have a folder named source and one named remote. They are both local (for simplicity).

I have done the following:

cd /path/to/source

echo "this is a test" > test.txt

duplicacy init archive /path/to/remote

duplicacy backup (repeat 5 times to make 5 dummy snapshots)

duplicacy prune -d -a

I would expect to see a list of all 5 backups that would be deleted, but instead I get No snapshot to delete. If I instead run

duplicacy prune -d -keep 1:1

I also get no snapshot to delete I would expect to see snapshots 1-4 listed for deletion, with just snapshot 5 remaining.

What am I misunderstanding here?

stefandz    Jun 22 10:17AM 2017

Just realised that

duplicacy prune -d -keep 1:1

should return no snapshot to delete as the snapshots are not yet older than 1 day (and 1:0 is not a valid retention policy).

However would still expect

duplicacy prune -d -a

to return all the snapshots.

gchen    Jun 22 12:01PM 2017

You'll need to specify the revisions to be deleted:

duplicacy prune -d -a -r 1-5

stefandz    Jun 22 3:52PM 2017

Ah, OK - so first

duplicacy list

and then use that for the -r option in prune. Thank you for your patience!

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