Permissions accessing volume used for Windows Server Backup

Aker     Mar 13 7:04PM 2017 GUI

When attempting to backup a volume on a Windows Server 2016 system that is used for Windows Server Backup, permission is denied. Taking ownership and applying permissions at the drive level does not resolve the issue. Is there a way to do configure Duplicacy that will consistently backup these volumes?

gchen    Mar 13 9:27PM 2017

Can you post the logs here or send them to

Aker    Mar 13 9:51PM 2017

No problem I'll send the logs to the email address.

Aker    Mar 13 10:35PM 2017

Looks like I may have discovered the answer.

If I reinstall by right-clicking and running install file with the "Run as administrator" option > start as a service > configure to use shadow copy (key!), then it will write the Windows Server Backup items onto storage. This is probably because there is a system level lock on the files while they are in queue through the backup scheduler. This seems to be resolved.

Aker    Mar 13 10:54PM 2017

By the way, I had to reinstall because unless you Run as administrator, the only option that shows up is to start on logon rather than start as a service.

gchen    Mar 14 10:16AM 2017

Thank you for sharing the solution! Another way to install the service is to run the Duplicacy GUI executable with the --install option from a DOS prompt window.

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