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Ken458163486513     Sep 4 3:44PM 2017 GUI

New purchase. Backing up b2. How do I get Duplicacy to backup multiple distinct directories (e.g. c:\pictures, c:\mystuff, etc.)

gchen    Sep 4 9:19PM 2017

Unfortunately the current GUI version doesn't support multiple repositories. The next major release (2.0) will have this feature.

As a workaround you can create symbolic links under the root of the repository that points to other directories that you want to back up. For example, if the repository is c:\backup and you want to backup c:\pictures too, you can create a symbolic link c:\backup\pictures that points to c:\pictures. If the symbolic link is named c:\backup\mypictures it won't work due to a bug in symbolic link handling on Windows (

jerome    Nov 8 5:12AM 2017

So if I want to backup 2 drives C: and D:. I can create a symbolic link in C:\ but I can't name it D:... Is there a workaround for this case ?

jerome    Nov 8 5:18AM 2017

Also with VSC enabled I get this kind of errors:

Failed to read the symlink: readlink C:.duplicacy\shadow\symbolic_link_to_another_drive: Access denied.

Is VSC compatible with symbolic links ? with symbolic links that point to an other drive ?

gchen    Nov 8 11:43AM 2017

That bug should have been fixed in 2.0.9.

jerome    Nov 8 3:11PM 2017

I'm using 2.0.9 ...

What about symbolic link name to backup another drive ?

gchen    Nov 8 10:44PM 2017

I ran a test to back up c:\Temp\repository that has a symlink to d:\ created by mklink /D d d:. This worked as expected:

c:\Temp\repository>"c:\Users\gchen\AppData\Local\Duplicacy\duplicacy_win_x64_2.0.9.exe" backup -vss
Storage set to c:\Temp\storage
Last backup at revision 14 found
Creating a shadow copy for c:\
Shadow copy {447A655B-4A9B-4497-AF65-776123AA2D0B} created
Indexing c:\Temp\repository
Packed d/file1 (21)
Backup for c:\Temp\repository at revision 15 completed
The shadow copy has been successfully deleted

c:\Temp\repository>"c:\Users\gchen\AppData\Local\Duplicacy\duplicacy_win_x64_2.0.9.exe" list -r 15 -files
Storage set to c:\Temp\storage
Snapshot test revision 15 created at 2017-11-08 22:40 -vss
21 2017-11-08 22:40:36 1f4038681da7c6a2eae3d28b3c33ef121c4add7b0418c2fb4e057471d6e5fcd9 d/file1
76 2016-11-30 11:52:14 68956bc03e7c59c220218840b66615d15df2bf943b8cae6a60a612464247aaec d/System Volume Information/IndexerVolumeGuid
12 2016-11-30 11:52:14 7fab419a3effb36ba1f15bfc50514a2814943f6356187c6d4db3b3271365153c d/System Volume Information/WPSettings.dat
Files: 3, total size: 109, file chunks: 2, metadata chunks: 3

jerome    Nov 9 7:24AM 2017

Naming the symlink d seems to work !

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