Backup multiple directories

Ken458163486513     Sep 4 3:44PM 2017 GUI

New purchase. Backing up b2. How do I get Duplicacy to backup multiple distinct directories (e.g. c:\pictures, c:\mystuff, etc.)

gchen    Sep 4 9:19PM 2017

Unfortunately the current GUI version doesn't support multiple repositories. The next major release (2.0) will have this feature.

As a workaround you can create symbolic links under the root of the repository that points to other directories that you want to back up. For example, if the repository is c:\backup and you want to backup c:\pictures too, you can create a symbolic link c:\backup\pictures that points to c:\pictures. If the symbolic link is named c:\backup\mypictures it won't work due to a bug in symbolic link handling on Windows (

jerome    Nov 8 5:12AM 2017

So if I want to backup 2 drives C: and D:. I can create a symbolic link in C:\ but I can't name it D:... Is there a workaround for this case ?

jerome    Nov 8 5:18AM 2017

Also with VSC enabled I get this kind of errors:

Failed to read the symlink: readlink C:.duplicacy\shadow\symbolic_link_to_another_drive: Access denied.

Is VSC compatible with symbolic links ? with symbolic links that point to an other drive ?

gchen    Nov 8 11:43AM 2017

That bug should have been fixed in 2.0.9.

jerome    Nov 8 3:11PM 2017

I'm using 2.0.9 ...

What about symbolic link name to backup another drive ?

gchen    Nov 8 10:44PM 2017

I ran a test to back up c:\Temp\repository that has a symlink to d:\ created by mklink /D d d:. This worked as expected:

c:\Temp\repository>"c:\Users\gchen\AppData\Local\Duplicacy\duplicacy_win_x64_2.0.9.exe" backup -vss
Storage set to c:\Temp\storage
Last backup at revision 14 found
Creating a shadow copy for c:\
Shadow copy {447A655B-4A9B-4497-AF65-776123AA2D0B} created
Indexing c:\Temp\repository
Packed d/file1 (21)
Backup for c:\Temp\repository at revision 15 completed
The shadow copy has been successfully deleted

c:\Temp\repository>"c:\Users\gchen\AppData\Local\Duplicacy\duplicacy_win_x64_2.0.9.exe" list -r 15 -files
Storage set to c:\Temp\storage
Snapshot test revision 15 created at 2017-11-08 22:40 -vss
21 2017-11-08 22:40:36 1f4038681da7c6a2eae3d28b3c33ef121c4add7b0418c2fb4e057471d6e5fcd9 d/file1
76 2016-11-30 11:52:14 68956bc03e7c59c220218840b66615d15df2bf943b8cae6a60a612464247aaec d/System Volume Information/IndexerVolumeGuid
12 2016-11-30 11:52:14 7fab419a3effb36ba1f15bfc50514a2814943f6356187c6d4db3b3271365153c d/System Volume Information/WPSettings.dat
Files: 3, total size: 109, file chunks: 2, metadata chunks: 3

jerome    Nov 9 7:24AM 2017

Naming the symlink d seems to work !

Nicholas Sherlock    Nov 27 12:15AM 2017

So the 2.0.9 GUI doesn't support multiple repositories yet? What's the status of multiple repository support?

gchen    Nov 27 9:03PM 2017

I'm planning to have a working version of 2.1.0 by the beginning of next week.

RF    Dec 9 8:19PM 2017

I'm interested in purchasing a GUI license for a family member but I'm waiting on multiple repository support.

Do you have an updated ETA for that gchen?

gchen    Dec 9 9:15PM 2017

Sorry I missed the deadline again and have to postpone it one more time. But this time it is very close. Multiple repository support is working now and just need to finish other minor functionalities and do more testing. Hope to release it by next weekend.

kevinvinv    Dec 9 11:19PM 2017

Will the gui support multiple STORAGE support along with multiple repository support?

Just wondering as I am about to start setting up the CLI for multiple storages.... and I'd rather wait for the gui if that is going to be included.

Love your tool.


RF    Dec 10 3:21AM 2017

If I start with the CLI version, will I be able to migrate to the GUI version by just using the same details?

gchen    Dec 10 9:57PM 2017

@kevinvinv, the new GUI version doesn't support multiple storages.

@RF, yes, you just need to select the repository directory in the GUI version and set scheduling and it should be good to go.

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