regedit proxy server not found

PaulG     May 4 11:25AM 2018 GUI

I've tried to get the trial running on a windows 2012 server using the ServerProxy instructions, but there doesn't seem to be any entries in the registry. I searched the registry and the only entry for Duplicacy is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Duplicacy Cloud I tried entering the ProxyServer string there, but it did not work.



gchen    May 4 8:59PM 2018

You should find the registry settings under HKLM\Software\Duplicacy. There should be a bunch of other entries there if you've run Duplicacy at least once.

GordonM    Jun 4 2:37AM 2018

I'm getting the same behaviour on a Windows2016 Server and Windows 10 Enterprise desktop using the installer downloaded today:

Run the installer as Administrator and installed service ok "Duplicacy Cloud Backup" registry entries for the service seem to be in the correct locations


Server (through Proxy) = no registry entries in HKLM\SOFTWARE or anywhere else I can find

Desktop (bypassing Proxy) = What looks like the full set of registry entries are in HKEY_USERS instead: alternate text

GordonM    Jun 4 3:10AM 2018

After a bit more testing:

Right click "Run as Administrator" on the Duplicacy desktop shortcut seems to implement the correct registry settings. Running without the above does not (I'm a local administrator of the server)

Launching Duplicacy "as Administrator" starts Duplicacy using the HKLM settngs - launching without uses the HKUsers settings instead

Duplicacy starts without "Run As Administrator" after a login, so any jobs you set up won't appear if you've set them up with elevated privileges and also the "Start Service on Boot" option won't appear.

Slightly strange behaviour - surely if you install the service the app should always start with enough privileges? Anyway - you can amend the Duplicacy shortcut to work around this (Right click > Properties > shortcut > Advanced > Run as Administrator)

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