Data Limits

SRVLives808     Jan 6 8:56PM 2017

Aloha, I tried to do a thorough search of the site before this so I apologize if I somehow just missed it....

What are the data limits if any, for the free, personal and commercial accounts? If there are any, can you please explain as if I just learned English? I am on heavy medication so sometimes I'm not all here... lol

For example; Initial Full Backup Max... if the limits are time based as well as MB, GB numbers......

Thanks a whole heap for your time!!

Happy New Year!

gchen    Jan 7 2:47PM 2017

There is no data limit -- you can backup any directory whatever the size is with either personal or commercial edition.

SRVLives808    Jan 15 7:56AM 2017

Awesome gchen... Thank you.

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