v1.1.4 crashing on macOS 10.12.1

Michael     Nov 11 2:04PM 2016 GUI

Do you know of any reasons that Duplicacy is giving me a hard time crashing etc on a B2 connection ie the mixture of v1.1.4, B2 and macOS 10.12.1?

gchen    Nov 12 10:32AM 2016

Can you enable the Verbose Logging option in the log window and then try it again? This would give us more detailed error messages.

Michael    Nov 13 4:06AM 2016

Thanks, will do. It'll be later on though.

Michael    Nov 13 2:04PM 2016

It seems it would crash if I left Storage Password blank, with a password it initialised fine. That said, lots of errors whilst trying to upload to B2, the engine would crash, display a dialog and retry after 30 seconds.

gchen    Nov 15 10:06AM 2016

There is a new version 1.1.5 that has better error handling and should be more stable.

I couldn't reproduce the blank password crash though.

gchen    Nov 16 2:00PM 2016

There was a bug in the old Go compiler that can cause Duplicacy running on macOS Sierra to crash. Please try version 1.1.6 which is built with the latest Go compiler.

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