Linux support?

cron410     May 12 10:39AM 2016 CLI

Will a linux client be released?

cron410    May 12 10:59AM 2016

nvm, I found the github.

gchen    May 12 11:21AM 2016

CLI binaries can be downloaded from here

j.a.duke    Jun 27 1:55PM 2016

I see x86, x64 & arm binaries.

Do you or will you support running this on Linux-based NAS units?

I’m looking for a good tool to allow me to move my data (mostly photos for the use case I’m looking at now) from a NAS to the cloud without going through a computer to do so.

gchen    Jun 27 8:22PM 2016

Any OS and CPU officially supported by Go can be easily added.

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