GUI Not working after upgrade to latest version

Charles     Jul 27 3:04PM 2017 GUI

Tried to list snapshots to make sure everything was still connected properly after purchase and upgrade. Received the following error.

ERROR Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: MissingRegion: could not find region configuration

Charles    Jul 27 3:18PM 2017

I re-attached the storage and it thinks it hasn't been initialized...

gchen    Jul 27 3:20PM 2017

Which storage backend is this?

Charles    Jul 27 3:20PM 2017

Just kidding. I had misspelled the bucket name. Now I'm back to the original error when trying to connect using the gui.

Charles    Jul 27 3:20PM 2017

Google Cloud Storage

Charles    Jul 27 3:23PM 2017

The error message I received now when trying to connect

ERROR Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Failed to retrieve the config file: cipher: message authentication failed

gchen    Jul 27 3:25PM 2017

Are you using the s3 backend or the GCS backend?

gchen    Jul 27 3:26PM 2017

The message authentication error is usually a result of a wrong password.

Charles    Jul 27 3:28PM 2017

You know. I think I was originally using the s3 backend and switched it to the gcs backend this time around when trying to re-init it. I don't think gcs was an option before. Let me try s3 again.

gchen    Jul 29 12:42PM 2017

For everyone else who has got the same error, The region name is gs if you use the s3 backend to access Google Cloud Storage.

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