Warning (error?) when copying from one storage to another

Jeremy     Jun 26 11:09AM 2017 CLI


I was wondering what severity is (and/or the implications of) the following message. It appears toward the end of the output when running a "duplicacy copy" command.

Copied chunk 0000000aaaaa ( 1/1049 )


Copied chunk 0000000aaaab ( 1049/1049 )

Failed to cache the file snapshots/[snapshot-id]/3: open C:\/.duplicacy/cache/[destination-storage-name]/snapshots/[snapshot-id]/3.ariuttft.tmp: The system cannot find the path specified.

Copied snapshot [snapshot-id] at revision 3

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gchen    Jun 26 2:26PM 2017

This is a bug probably caused by the directory 'C:\/.duplicacy/cache/[destination-storage-name]/snapshots/[snapshot-id]' was not created beforehand.

However this bug only prevents the snapshot file from being saved in the local cache, so it should not affect the integrity of the backups.

Edit: I was in a hurry and forgot to type 'not' twice!

Jeremy    Jun 27 2:11PM 2017

Thank you, that is what I needed to know!

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