Ability to use -hash option with GUI

roranippon     Nov 12 5:34AM 2017 GUI


Is there a possibility to add an option to use -hash in the GUI. (duplicacy backup -hash) because I have trouble only with date and size of a file.

My example : I took a photo, then change the exif information. The date and size of the file is the same and duplicacy doesn't backup it without -hash.

I could use the command line executable but I decided to buy the GUI license so I would appreciate to have this.

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roranippon    Nov 12 5:47AM 2017

Hello again, additionally can you change my displayname on this forum to


I didn't know it was for ever when I typed it.

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roranippon    Nov 12 6:22AM 2017


And again, I think that I found that by default it is with -hash command ? I saw that in the revision in restore.

Is that correct ?

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gchen    Nov 12 11:21AM 2017

The -hash option is only enabled by default for the initial backup (since there is no previous backup to compare the dates and sizes with). I'll add this option to the GUI version 2.1.0.

roranippon    Nov 12 11:45AM 2017


Thank you very much.

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