B2 storage: bucket not found error

Dan     Nov 13 8:32AM 2016 GUI

Duplicacy 1.1.4 on macOS 10.12.1. Message when connecting to B2: "ERROR Failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage at b2://[∫Bucket ID]: Bucket [Bucket ID] not found"

Double checked Bucket ID in B2 portal, looks correct. Connecting to another bucket using Cloudberry (with same Account ID and Application key) works no problem.

Verbose log not enlightening I'm afraid:

14:27:48.000 Command: duplicacy -background -log -d init [my backup job] "b2://[Bucket ID]" 14:27:48.726 Reading the environment variable DUPLICACY_B2_ID 14:27:48.761 Reading the environment variable DUPLICACY_B2_KEY


gchen    Nov 13 10:57AM 2016

Does the bucket id contain any special characters?

Michael    Nov 13 2:00PM 2016

Are you using Bucket ID or Bucket name? I don't think the former works.

gchen    Nov 13 5:14PM 2016

Right, you should enter the bucket name not the bucket id.

Dan    Nov 23 7:02AM 2016

Indeed, Bucket Name it is, not ID. Was confused because other solutions (e.g. CloudBerry) need Bucket ID instead. Maybe add this to the GUI? Thanks for your help anyway.

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