Trying things out... chunk size advice?

Matt Bisgaier     Oct 4 4:21AM 2017 CLI


I've been testing the waters here, and so far am quite impressed! I'm planning on backing up around 30TB with Duplicacy (to start, at least... things always grow), and was wondering what your advice was on chunk size. What should my min, average, and max be? Most of the data will be pretty static (photos, videos, archived files, etc.), but there will be a bit that might change frequently (say 10-100 GB, probably) from regularly used files.

Thanks, Matt

Richard    Oct 4 7:45AM 2017

gchen    Oct 4 11:02AM 2017

I think the default setting should be fine. Generally you use a smaller chunk size for better deduplication, and a larger one if you care less about deduplication and want to reduce the number of chunks stored in the storage (which however is never an issue with most cloud storages I guess).

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