Additional licenses

Jim Cole     Nov 14 12:44PM 2017 GUI

I purchased one license with the idea that I'd try it today. The plan was to purchase additional licenses in the coming week or two if it works out. It looks like I would need to purchase that 2nd license @ $20? It doesn't see that I have one and could purchase the additional ones at $10.

If I'd known that I needed to purchase them all in one purchase then I would have done so but it didnt say I needed to do that.

Can you help?

Thanks! -Jim

gchen    Nov 14 2:28PM 2017

It is possible to purchase additional license at discounted price. Please email for details.

kevinvinv    Nov 15 10:27AM 2017

Thanks for raising this issue and gchen, for providing an answer. I also have the same experience and wondered about that. Thanks!!

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