Error -1, trying to log in to Strato Hidrive

Urs Zabel     Mar 12 7:50AM 2017 GUI

Hello gchen,

thank you for solving my last problem with Strato Hidrive.

I'm still trying to save my pictures to Strato's cloud, but there's another problem showing up: error code: -1. The application window also states: Failed to retrieve storage information

I've added a few screenshots, showing the error message, and a session with filezilla, using the same log-in details.

I hope you can help once more.

Thanks in advance.

Urs Zabel

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gchen    Mar 12 11:52AM 2017

Error code -1 is usually caused by the command line executable not found. Make sure you have duplicacy_win_x64_1.2.0.exe in the same directory as the GUI executable. I also noticed that one of your screenshots still showed 1.1.8 so I guess there may be an issue with your installation.

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