The Snapshot contains an error

zigzak     Jul 13 4:33AM 2017 GUI


I have a backup running which pops up errors about Snapshot - each time it runs it seems to be a different file. However the most recent is below, do I need to be worried about this? I'm running 2.0.5 on Windows Server 2012 R2.

[10:27:58] Backup operation returned an error: ERROR The snapshot contains an error: The file Folder Redirection/Ainsley/Contacts/desktop.ini has a size of -1 but the total size of chunks is 0


gchen    Jul 13 12:32PM 2017

This is a bug. It looks like if a file can't be opened due to an access error, its size will be left at -1 (the default value we use to indicate a file hasn't been processed). Did you see messages like 'Failed to open file for reading' for these files?

gchen    Jul 13 2:22PM 2017

The new version should fix this issue:

zigzak    Jul 14 8:17AM 2017

Hi, great thanks I'll download the new version :)

And yes.. there are loads of file access errors due to permission problems which is not a Duplicacy thing and I'm trying to resolve.

Thanks, David

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