exclude Synology #snapshot folder

Richard     Sep 28 1:16PM 2017 CLI

I'm using the CLI version, what might be the best way to exclude the "#snapshot" directory on a Synology NAS when using the Snapshot Replication feature of the Synology?

gchen    Sep 28 6:31PM 2017

Create a file named filter under .duplicacy and add -#snapshot/. Did you try this?

Richard    Sep 29 8:36AM 2017

Thanks Gang. I didn't try this as I wasn't sure if the # would be picked up as a comment line.

Richard    Sep 29 11:20AM 2017

So just tried this and it did not work.

Richard    Sep 29 11:27AM 2017

I think I see the problem. The file should be called "filters", not "filter" as stated above?

gchen    Sep 29 12:40PM 2017

Sorry about the mistake. Yes, it is filters.

Richard    Sep 29 1:56PM 2017

Thanks. And it worked after that change.

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