I'm looking to install Duplicacy on FreeBSD

Sean     Sep 26 12:42AM 2016 CLI

I'm looking to install Duplicacy on FreeBSD - it doesn't look like the compiled linux binary works. Any chance you can package it? Or - if I buy a commercial license in order to get access to source code, will it compile?

gchen    Sep 26 8:17AM 2016

Yes, if you have a commercial license you can download the source and compile it for any platform supported by go (but please note that the compiled binary can only run on computers with valid licenses if it is for commercial use).

However, currently there is an issue with the extended attribute library used by Duplicacy which prevents it from building on FreeBSD. I'll let you know once I fix this issue.

gchen    Sep 26 11:00AM 2016

I uploaded a working freebsd binary. You can also compile it from the source code if you have the access.

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