Will duplicacy purge old chunks when storage on the destination runs low?

Paul L     Aug 11 9:27PM 2017 GUI

Question in the subject -- if I'm backing up to an SSH destination that is 500GB, will the purging policies kick in proactively (despite the number of backups / time settings), if the storage capacity on the destination is reached?

gchen    Aug 12 10:11AM 2017

No, it doesn't. Duplicacy doesn't know when the storage is going to be full. Therefore, the recommended usage is to run the prune command once per day. If you have multiple computers backing up the same storage, only one computer needs to run the prune command.

Paul L    Aug 12 1:22PM 2017


Is there any harm running prune on multiple machines backing up to the destination?

Does prune check for the remaining storage capacity on the backup destination?

gchen    Aug 12 8:56PM 2017

It should be ok to run prune on multiple machines, although you may get some log messages complaining that files to be deleted can't be found.

No, prune doesn't check the remaining storage capacity. Most cloud storages do not provide such an API and it is also hard to keep track of storage usage internally due to the possibility of multiple clients.

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