Monitor not turning off when running Duplicacy on Mac

Steve L     Jun 6 4:56PM 2017 GUI

Whenever I have Duplicacy running on my Mac, my monitors never turn off (which they usually do when I walk away from the computer for 10 minutes)

gchen    Jun 6 6:45PM 2017

Can you run this command in the terminal to see if Duplicacy is blocking the sleep:

pmset -g assertions

When Duplicacy is running a backup, it will prevent the computer from going into sleep, so you will see a line like:

   pid 83516(Duplicacy): [0x0004433f00058ab2] 00:00:16 NoDisplaySleepAssertion named: "Duplicacy running" 

But that line should disappear as soon as the backup finishes.

Steve L    Jun 7 8:56AM 2017

Ok. That is what is happening. I get not having the computer sleeping, but I am not sure why the displays have to remain on to do that.

gchen    Jun 7 3:42PM 2017

I should have used kIOPMAssertionTypeNoIdleSleep instead of kIOPMAssertionTypeNoDisplaySleep. Will fix this in the next update.

gchen    Jun 7 9:46PM 2017

This has been fixed in version 2.0.1.

Steve L    Jun 8 3:18PM 2017

Thanks! Works great now!

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