Clarification to CLI docs, please

j.a.duke     Nov 3 11:22AM 2016 CLI

I’ve been reading over the CLI documentation and would like it if you could include examples in the text, please.

For example, for the init command, I found this: "duplicacy init [command options] <snapshot id> <storage url>"

I’d like to know what values are allowed for the "snapshot id” field. There’s text to explain what it is: "The snapshot id is an id used to distinguish different repositories connected to the same storage. Each repository must have a unique snapshot id.” But nothing on acceptable values or such.

Could you please add either some examples or a list of acceptable characters.


gchen    Nov 3 5:02PM 2016

The snapshot id will be used as the name of the directory to store snapshot files, so basically any character valid in a directory name can be used.

There is an example in the github readme page:

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