Duplicacy Web Edition

This is the full-featured web-based GUI frontend supporting all major operations (backup, restore, check, copy, and prune) as well as other features such as scheduling and email notifications. It also integrates a dashboard to provide a graphical view of the status of storages and backups.

This version can be used without a license if you only need the restore, check, copy, and prune operations. If you do need to run backups, a fully functional 30-day trial license will be automatically downloaded to enable the backup operation. After 30 days, a personal or commercial license can be purchased from the licenses page.

File name Type OS CPU Size SHA256 Checksum
duplicacy_web_installer_win64_1.6.3.exe Installer Windows x64 13,329,840 0fa3d59dd8e494e8b7652d7e39f8ce84085d779ad318c6fc216bd410287a6a57
duplicacy_web_osx_x64_1.6.3.dmg Installer macOS x64 12,065,665 39e96df1c43782632d1d600ed52e04de05226ff21e266d3d266de1be743679f3
duplicacy_web_osx_arm64_1.6.3.dmg Installer macOS arm64 11,022,627 bf9d10dfc2faa7e43606281ec853e231aa009ae2c0b790ab85eadee8a1919708
duplicacy_web_linux_x64_1.6.3 Executable Linux x64 21,735,437 7e20fefb806578792002199246596d86246a013a11892c68c9b7365d3b080661
duplicacy_web_linux_arm64_1.6.3 Executable Linux arm64 21,428,616 43d09b28a3b1a8ec06369ee86982c9a74a817f2e52cb8e7d18122fd808f93f95
duplicacy_web_linux_arm_1.6.3 Executable Linux armv5 19,290,047 28033dafc2b6dfa6c78ea028736f947b8c5dc138b4f9629d0e0616c26cfd05f7
duplicacy_web_freebsd_x64_1.6.3 Executable FreeBSD x64 22,056,314 69c7338c5864d4cefbf5ffb6f2745475d6806191cbddf229b7a2690c0b329217
duplicacy_web_win32_1.6.3.exe Executable Windows i386 20,156,928 e0c54236550a6b3845f8054856e65518374075550e5064cf1873920b8d6a044a

Release notes for version 1.6.3

Download links for QNAP and Synology packages

Native GUI

This is the old GUI version with a native look-and-feel (based on wxWidgets). It was designed as a simplified frontend to the command line version so it only supports limited operations (backup, restore, and prune). It is currently being deprecated and will be only updated for major bug fixes.

File name Type OS CPU Size SHA256 Checksum
duplicacy_installer_win64_2.1.2.exe Installer Windows x64 11,672,912 c67072a4b5c286d92ebd7240c7ffca51888e73ecc311fed88345d47662b1c41c
duplicacy_gui_osx_2.1.2.dmg Installer macOS x64 14,716,302 c9343d7c82d9f5e632b4f3de9e4a2439849f861ab7c6e4d754ea8e945f776a4f

Command Line Version

The command line version serves as the engine to perform all operations for the GUI versions. It can also be invoked directly from the command line or from a script. It is free for personal use, while commercial use requires a CLI license.

The command line version can be downloaded from our github repository.