Duplicacy Web Edition

This is the full-featured web-based GUI frontend supporting all major operations (backup, restore, check, copy, and prune) as well as other features such as scheduling and email notifications. It also integrates a dashboard to provide a graphical view of the status of storages and backups.

This version can be used without a license if you only need the restore, check, copy, and prune operations. If you do need to run backups, a fully functional 30-day trial license will be automatically downloaded to enable the backup operation. After 30 days, a personal or commercial license can be purchased from the licenses page.

File name Type OS CPU Size SHA256 Checksum
duplicacy_web_installer_win64_1.8.0.exe Installer Windows x64 17,170,008 2c215bce72e6b6c822d8e4cf0379ac0c46781c524c1d46097d6b308ace0ca79c
duplicacy_web_osx_x64_1.8.0.dmg Installer macOS x64 18,747,267 53e7a7de4e343430146c8d9de86e0b35d915b018ec5bd62539a4010f46376c98
duplicacy_web_osx_arm64_1.8.0.dmg Installer macOS arm64 17,127,753 7c5eaa463aee201351b01de642e94ab3d575acbc0a8e20fe386bfb63346ff0cc
duplicacy_web_linux_x64_1.8.0 Executable Linux x64 37,961,843 f0b4d4c16781a6ccb137f161df9de86574e7a55660c582682c63062e26476c4a
duplicacy_web_linux_arm64_1.8.0 Executable Linux arm64 36,520,276 8b09a2c9253ebc9d3bfae5d289af03dbe744bfe3f7fa5cf373748e3d0902634d
duplicacy_web_linux_arm_1.8.0 Executable Linux armv5 35,417,410 1a664b86757e2f0c676d8e89176b26126a29ace03cbe71dc6836f5aba0ec9b56
duplicacy_web_freebsd_x64_1.8.0 Executable FreeBSD x64 37,323,240 f1af9c1306717d6a4d9126171df29f5fb575c70216a09128a8944567b7b7f355
duplicacy_web_win32_1.8.0.exe Executable Windows i386 36,841,984 ab928f63b673d3d8680e36ae18910bfe5c1885eee37a0b5f6e50c8ecf422f7ba

Release notes for version 1.8.0

Download links for QNAP and Synology packages

Native GUI

This is the old GUI version with a native look-and-feel (based on wxWidgets). It was designed as a simplified frontend to the command line version so it only supports limited operations (backup, restore, and prune). It is currently being deprecated and will be only updated for major bug fixes.

File name Type OS CPU Size SHA256 Checksum
duplicacy_installer_win64_2.1.2.exe Installer Windows x64 11,672,912 c67072a4b5c286d92ebd7240c7ffca51888e73ecc311fed88345d47662b1c41c
duplicacy_gui_osx_2.1.2.dmg Installer macOS x64 14,716,302 c9343d7c82d9f5e632b4f3de9e4a2439849f861ab7c6e4d754ea8e945f776a4f

Command Line Version

The command line version serves as the engine to perform all operations for the GUI versions. It can also be invoked directly from the command line or from a script. It is free for personal use, while commercial use requires a CLI license.

The command line version can be downloaded from our github repository.