License Types

There are two types of Duplicacy GUI licenses:

Both commercial and personal licenses are subscription-based. Latest releases and upgrades are available at no extra charges during the subscription period.

One commercial or personal license can be installed on one Windows or Mac computer. If you need to run Duplicacy for Windows/Mac on multiple computers, one license is required for each computer.

Before you buy a license, you have the option to trial Duplicacy for 30 days, during which you can use Duplicacy for any purposes. After the trial period, you will need to have a valid personal or commercial license, depending on your use case.

Note that these license types are applicable to the GUI version of Duplicacy. The command line version of Duplicacy is released under the Fair Source 5 License which can be purchased on the customer page as well.

Personal License Commercial License
Limitations Can only be installed on home computers to back up personal files Unlimited
Support Public issue tracker Private tickets with email notifications
Source Code Access No Yes
Cost (per computer) First year $20 $50
Each subsequent year $5 $10
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Purchasing FAQ

Do I pay anually?

No. Instead you pay a one-time fee based the number and length of the licenses. You can alway renew a license (at the rate for subsequent years) before it expires. We don't renew your licenses automatically.

How do I receive my purchased licenses?

After placing the order, you will receive a number of License Activation Codes. You can then enter one license activation code in the activation dialog for each computer. Duplicacy will then download the license from our license server and save it to the registry on Windows or the user defaults on Mac.

My license became invalid after I upgraded my computer and reinstalled OS. How do I restore the license?

Just enter the same license activation code in the activation dialog and Duplicacy will re-download the license from our license server.

Please note that the license is bound to the host name. So if the host name ever changes, you will need to set the new host name on the customer page and then activate with the same activation code.

I activated my license on my laptop but now I want to use it on my desktop. How do I transfer the license?

Go to the customer page and change the host name associated with the license activation code. Then enter the same license activation code in the activation dialog when Duplicacy runs.

If you don't change the host name first, Duplicacy won't activate the license even unless you enter the right license activation code.

Is it safe to use my credit card on

Our license server simply passes your credit card information directly to our payment processor, We do not save your credit card anywhere.

In addition, the connections between your web browser and, between your web browser and our license server, between our license server and, are all securely encrypted.

Can I pay with paypal?

The order page only accepts credit cards at this time. However, you can email us and we will create an order for you.

Can I get a refund if I find out Duplicacy isn't the right tool for me

Absolutely. Just email us any time and we will issue a refund proportional to the unused portion of your subscription. When you do so, please let us know why you are not satisfied and what you do think we can do to make Duplicacy better.

I work for a non-for-profit organization/government agency/school/university. Can I use a personal license for work?

A personal license is meant to be used at home not related to employment. So the answer is generally no.

However, we would like to make an exception for schools and universities. If you are a student, or a staff/faculty member at any school or university, feel free to use the personal license even if it is related to your employment.