Summary by time
Software comparison, why I'm using Duplicacy GUI 2 Charles Apr 28
Path not founf in One Drive GUI 8 Rafael Apr 21
software comparison GUI 9 Richard Mar 14
Backup failing for Google Cloud Storage GUI 23 Charles Apr 19
Version 1.2.4 has been released GUI 15 gchen Aug 2016
Upgrade licence GUI 3 Jacques Apr 21
Duplicacy with administrator rights GUI 2 Jacques Apr 20
Can Duplicacy backup directories outside of the repository? GUI 8 Jacob Hands Mar 8
Linux symlink error CLI 2 Imre Csatl├│s Apr 6
Exclude List not updated GUI 22 Guido Mar 23
Reseller GUI 1 chriskennedy Mar 23
How to activate multiple backup threads CLI 1 Philipp Mar 22
Permanent Licenses and Bulk / Multi-year Discounts 4 F Harvell Mar 18
Permissions accessing volume used for Windows Server Backup GUI 5 Aker Mar 13
Error -1, trying to log in to Strato Hidrive GUI 1 Urs Zabel Mar 12
Can duplicacy run as a service on Windows? GUI 5 Ovidiu Aug 2016
SFTP handshake failed due to cipher difference GUI 1 Urs Zabel Mar 10
err msg 'Invalid activation code' appears and quits. GUI 1 Peter Mar 9
speed seems to deteriorate over time - crash causes restart GUI 1 Brett Mar 8
Presales evaluation: Duplicacy copies approx. 40gb then stops responding CLI 1 Ian Roberts Mar 4
GUI with multiple backends GUI 2 MonkeyPhonics Mar 1
Personal License on Windows Server 1 cron410 Feb 27
Uploading is slow GUI 1 Sirish Feb 23
CLI restoration CLI 1 Marty Godsey Feb 22
Restore without setting ownership CLI 1 Carl Nasal Feb 17
Proxy Support GUI 3 tombull89 Feb 7
Backing up data through STDIN CLI 1 Carl Nasal Feb 5
testing and doubs CLI 4 Manuel Feb 3
Recovering from a missing or damaged chunk GUI 1 thedaveCA Feb 4
Upper bounds of Duplicacy's capabilities 1 thedaveCA Feb 4
Does someone have experience to use Duplicacy + Amazon Cloud Drive? 2 viktor Jan 31
Some details 1 Robert Jan 29
Failed to find the path for the chunk GUI 1 Mark Jan 25
Restore to another folder does not work GUI 4 Mark Jan 23
ERROR: The storage has not been initialized. GUI 1 Jan 18
Data Limits 2 SRVLives808 Jan 6
Presales questions for MSP GUI 1 David Jan 9
Is trial version limited to one repository? GUI 2 madars Dec 2016
What Encryption Type is Used? CLI 1 joshuatan17 Dec 2016
Minor issue: CLI gives the wrong URL for getting Google Drive auth token CLI 1 nzevth Nov 2016
Durring setup, unable to detect Backblaze B2 storage Bucket GUI 2 gcaulder Nov 2016
B2 storage: bucket not found error GUI 4 Dan Nov 2016
Cannot backup to B2 GUI 13 alex Oct 2016
runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference CLI 9 nzevth Nov 2016
v1.1.4 crashing on macOS 10.12.1 GUI 5 Michael Nov 2016
What can be done without a license? 3 sshanky Nov 2016
Can Duplicacy gracefully handled interrupted uploads? CLI 3 nzevth Nov 2016
Best practices for ensuring ability to restore on a new computer after catastrophic failure GUI 1 sshanky Nov 2016
Multiple concurrent upload/download threads CLI 2 nzevth Nov 2016
Clarification to CLI docs, please CLI 1 j.a.duke Nov 2016
Vote for the next storage backend to support GUI 4 gchen Aug 2016
Possibility to move the software to another drive/directory 2 Elmar Oct 2016
After installation of 1.1 (Built 0) err msg 'Invalid activation code' appears and quits. GUI 2 Elmar Oct 2016
I'm looking to install Duplicacy on FreeBSD CLI 2 Sean Sep 2016
ERROR "Unrecognizable storage URL" when selecting SMB Share as Storage 1 Daniel Aug 2016
Initial backup error - 500 Internal Server Error CLI 9 Jocelyn Aug 2016
SFTP does not allow for non standard ports. GUI 3 poonja Aug 2016
Restore On Another Computer GUI 2 Inorganic Aug 2016
File Names With Cyrillic Letters 2 Inorganic Aug 2016
Will you add support for more storage providers? 4 Ovidiu Aug 2016
How to get more details about skipped files during backup? GUI 1 Ovidiu Aug 2016
how to remove backup chains? 2 Ovidiu Aug 2016
Compression? 3 warwick Aug 2016
Is duplicacy backing up itself? GUI 2 Ovidiu Aug 2016
VSS in Windows? GUI 4 phni Aug 2016
Unable to setup SFTP, Get error ssh: handshake failed: GUI 2 Carroll Aug 2016
Welcome Duplicacy users! gchen May 2016
Linux support? CLI 4 cron410 May 2016
Display name locked 2 cron410 May 2016
Github 2 cron410 May 2016
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