Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn't finish properly

Word to the Bird     Nov 14 2:43AM 2017 GUI

How do i fix this on server 2012

Word to the Bird    Nov 14 2:43AM 2017

Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn't finish properly

gchen    Nov 14 2:25PM 2017

This is caused by the DoSnapshotSet call taking longer than 60 seconds (line 476 in duplicacy_shadowcopy_windows.go)

    if !async.Wait(60) {
        LOG_ERROR("VSS_SNAPSHOT", "Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn't finish properly")
        return top

I need to think of a way to allow this value to be customized, but for now I can get you a special build with a larger value if you want.

Word to the Bird    Nov 15 2:49AM 2017

so this doesnt have to do with the app not actually being a VSS writer?

there isnt a ton of data 200 GB..... its going to be worse on my customers who have a terabyte of data or so

But yes i really need help to fix this....

Can i take apart the build and change it myself.... just tell me how.... i'm not sure codeish

but i can try

gchen    Nov 15 12:53PM 2017

To build the CLI executable, follow the instructions here:

Once you have the executable, rename it to duplicacy_win_x64_2.0.9.exe and copy it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Duplicacy or C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Duplicacy to overwrite the existing one.

Word to the Bird    Nov 16 10:22PM 2017

yeah....i got completely lost.... i need to take you up on your offer of a custom build....

can we connect and get that done Gilbert.....i need a long enough time to accommodate at least 1TB for many of my clients.... the one that got hung was only 200 mb

gchen    Nov 17 12:50PM 2017

Here is the custom build:

The timeout has been increased to 180 seconds. It is perhaps enough for most cases but if not I'll add an option to set to arbitrary values.

Word to the Bird    Nov 17 4:24PM 2017

thank you so much... i will report back

Word to the Bird    Nov 22 4:14PM 2017

what does this mean??

08:01:45.639 Failed to list subdirectory: open E:\/.duplicacy\shadow\/System Volume Information: Access is denied.

it seems like the shadow copies still failing?? it is because of this??

do i need to exclude this .duplicacy directory from the backup?

gchen    Nov 22 6:14PM 2017

That just meant that you don't have the permission to access E:\System Volume Information, even with shadow copy.

You can exclude this directory by adding this line to .duplicacy/filters:

-System Volume Information\

Word to the Bird    Nov 28 10:05PM 2017

that worked....

however i keep getting this error on one of my new machines

18:57:58.948 Shadow copy creation failed: StartSnapshotSet returned 80042316

gchen    Nov 28 11:05PM 2017

This error may indicate that another backup application was running at that time:

// MessageText:
// Another shadow copy creation is already in progress. Wait a few moments and try again.

Word to the Bird    Nov 30 1:56AM 2017

There is a backup program that does a full metal backup to disk nightly.....

However it runs at 9pm and is done by 1 or 2am

gchen    Nov 30 5:35PM 2017

Maybe there is another one. Windows itself could create shadow copies from time to time if you enable file history. The Windows event log may have more information.

Word to the Bird    Dec 8 10:20PM 2017

it's hit or missing... it doesn't always happen

Is volume shadow copy similar to OFO.... open file option

I am getting alot of errors that files can't be backed up because they are open

gchen    Dec 10 9:54PM 2017

If you can find out how long the other shadow copy operation takes to finish from the Windows event log, we can then decide if it makes sense to keep retrying and wait until the other operation is done.

Word to the Bird    Dec 14 2:56AM 2017

is the volume shadow copy the reason that it wont back up some of the files because they are in use or open?

Word to the Bird    Dec 14 2:57AM 2017

love your product by the way..... its pretty bad ass...

gchen    Dec 14 7:59AM 2017

If it says they are in use then turning on the VSS option should help. If it is an access error then it is usually caused by insufficient permissions.

Word to the Bird    Dec 21 10:02PM 2017

turns out the issue was with one of the vss writers....a simple reboot fixed it...Another way to fix it is to start a windows backup of the just the system state and let it fail... that also fixes the state of the vss writers

now the issue i am having is on reboot the app starts from a service and it is missing all of the saved fields...

gchen    Dec 21 10:13PM 2017

If you run Duplicacy as normal users, it will load settings from HKCU/Software/Duplicacy.

If you run Duplicacy as administrator or as service, it will load settings from HKLM/Software/Duplicacy.

So if you see empty settings, it is perhaps a matter of which account you're running Duplicacy as.

Christoph    Dec 30 6:21PM 2017

I am also getting this error Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn't finish properly. I solved it by downloading the CLI version 2.0.10, renaming it to 2.0.9 and copying it over the 2.0.9 on my machine. It worked!

As an aside: since I am running the GUI, I learned from this that the GUI does actually use the same exe-file as the CLI, is that correct? (Not so surprising, but I'm still exploring duplicacy and wasn't sure how exactly the two versions relate to each other...)

But I noticed that creation of the shadow copy consumed quite some time even though I believe that none of the files in the repository were currently in use/locked.So I was wondering whether it wouldn't make sense to trigger the creation of the shadow copy only when duplicacy encounters an access problem?

EDIT: Well, it worked the first time but the second time I got the error back. This time stating that VssAsync is pending for more than 180 seconds...

gchen    Dec 30 11:08PM 2017

The timeout for the DoSnapshotSet operation is 180 seconds (in duplicacy_shadowcopy_windows.go):

    if !async.Wait(180) {
        LOG_ERROR("VSS_SNAPSHOT", "Shadow copy creation failed: DoSnapshotSet didn't finish properly")
        return top

You can modify this timeout if you know how to build from the source. It was increased to 180 seconds in 2.0.10 from 60 seconds in 2.0.9 and that is why 2.0.10 works better.

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