Can Duplicacy backup directories outside of the repository?

Jacob Hands    Mar 8 11:37AM 2017 GUI

I am thinking of purchasing but want to make sure it can do what I need.

For example, some files I need backed up are in %appdata%, some are on other hard drives, etc. Can I use 1 repository to backup everything?

gchen    Mar 8 5:17PM 2017

If you create a symbolic link right under the repository directory, Duplicacy will follow the symbolic link to scan the directory it refers to. For symbolic links residing on a subdirectory of the repository, Duplicacy does not follow them and simply backs up them as symbolic links.

On Windows, to create a symbolic link, open up a DOS prompt window and enter the following commands:

cd \path\to\repository
mklink /d appdata \path\to\appdata

On macOS, enter the following commands in Terminal:

cd /path/to/repository
ln -s /path/to/appdata appdata

Please verify that it works for you before you make the purchase.

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