Does B2 throttle connections

Word to the Bird     Jan 8 10:15PM 2018 GUI

Couldnt seem to find an answer on their side....

I have a 3 TB upload.... it started out doing about 12 to 14 Mbps... then within a day or so it dropped down to 2Mbps

I'm using 8 threads... i tried 16 and 64 and the same thing happens... after a day or so it drops

gchen    Jan 9 11:40AM 2018

I don't think they would throttle connections. But 2Mbps is too slow even for a single thread. I regularly get about 1-2M bytes per second with one thread which is at least 8Mbps.

If the backup is resuming from a previous incomplete one, then the speeds given at the beginning may be misleading, because Duplicacy would skip some chunks that have already been uploaded but those skipped chunks will be counted in the calculation of speeds.

Another factor is the B2 upload servers. Each upload thread will get a different upload server, and the performance of each upload server may change over time as they are shared with other users.

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