Failed to find the path for the chunk

Mark     Jan 25 7:04PM 2017 GUI

Backup errors out. Here is the log file: 17:51:40.000 Command: duplicacy -background -log backup -stats -threads 2 -vss 17:51:40.781 Storage set to b2://NCRC-HyperV 17:52:19.257 No previous backup found 17:52:19.258 Creating a shadow copy for D:\ 17:52:21.742 Shadow copy {84DA44FF-497D-4094-9BD7-CC53A729EC2E} created 17:52:21.742 Indexing D:\Server16 17:52:21.743 Loaded 0 include/exclude pattern(s) 17:52:21.743 Listing all chunks 17:52:25.172 Use 2 uploading threads 18:01:45.850 Failed to find the path for the chunk 8818246ac6f073df23484bd6135d0cc87b659f1f9e7375458f382843fd0c4dcd: http: read on closed response body

gchen    Jan 26 6:48PM 2017

What version are you running? This looks like a bug we already fixed.

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