Can I run two CLI jobs in the same repository at the same time?

kevinvinv     Jan 6 10:45PM 2018 CLI

Will anything bad happen if I run two instances of the CLI program in the same repository but two different storages at the same time?


gchen    Jan 7 12:30AM 2018

I think it should be fine generally, as every storage has its own cache directory and the cache is the only thing a command would write to locally.

towerbr    Jan 8 11:02AM 2018

I do this, running two instances of the CLI in the same repository and sending it to two storages (dropbox and google drive). No problem.

P.S.: I think the thread category above is wrong ... It's CLI and not GUI, right?

kevinvinv    Jan 11 9:08AM 2018

towerbr, yes you are right, I mis-categorized the thread.

And THANK you for your reply. Much appreciated.

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