Problem on restore (last release 2.0.1)

Jacques     Jun 9 9:21AM 2017 GUI

Hello, My backups are on BackBlaze B2. I only decompressed the package duplicacy_installer_win64_2.0.1 with 7zip in a directory on a crypted container. The backups are fine but I can't restore anything and i have this message (see the link below). (When i want to restore, i select an other disk an a empty directory i have created before). Thanks in advance for your help Regards,

gchen    Jun 9 8:49PM 2017

This is a bug. The line of code that threw the error uses a wrong variable for accessing the slice.

The 2.0.2 version is now available from our home page and has this bug fixed.

Jacques    Jun 10 4:55AM 2017

Hello, It's okay now. Thank-you for your prompt response. Regards,

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