DoSnapShotSet didnt finish

kevinvinv     May 7 9:24PM 2018 GUI

I know I've seen this on the forum before but not sure where.

I am getting VssAsync is taking more than 60s and DoSnapShotSet did not finish

Windows 7

What should I do about this?

gchen    May 8 9:10PM 2018

The 2.1.1 beta version introduced a per-job registry setting ShadowCopyTimeout that can be used to set the timeout for the VSS operation (in number of seconds).

Here are the links to the 2.1.1 beta version:

kevinvinv    May 8 9:54PM 2018

Does this just install over a previous version or do i need to uninstall first?


gchen    May 9 10:45PM 2018

A new install can overwrite the existing one. But please make sure you exit the current running GUI or stop the service.

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