DoSnapShotSet didnt finish

kevinvinv     May 7 9:24PM 2018 GUI

I know I've seen this on the forum before but not sure where.

I am getting VssAsync is taking more than 60s and DoSnapShotSet did not finish

Windows 7

What should I do about this?

gchen    May 8 9:10PM 2018

The 2.1.1 beta version introduced a per-job registry setting ShadowCopyTimeout that can be used to set the timeout for the VSS operation (in number of seconds).

Here are the links to the 2.1.1 beta version:

kevinvinv    May 8 9:54PM 2018

Does this just install over a previous version or do i need to uninstall first?


gchen    May 9 10:45PM 2018

A new install can overwrite the existing one. But please make sure you exit the current running GUI or stop the service.

kevinvinv    May 28 9:43PM 2018

To set ShadowCopyTimeout once I install 2.1.1 -- where do I go? I opened regedit and serached for it but didnt see it yet... should the key be already in the registry? Thanks!

gchen    May 29 8:27PM 2018

The user guide has a section on how to create various registry values for different purposes. ShadowCopyTimeout should be set up the same way.

kevinvinv    Jun 1 8:26AM 2018

I am SO SORRY- but I read the user guide and I hate windows... and I dont understand exactly how to do the registry entry.

Do I just to Edit | New | String Value

If so- where do I put the HCLM\ stuff? The Value Name is not editable...

sorry to be a pain.

gchen    Jun 1 9:21PM 2018

In RegEdit, first find HKLM\Software\Duplicacy or HKCU\Software\Duplicacy (whichever exists), then right click it, select New, and then String Value. The name of the value should be ShadowCopyTimeout while the data should be a number like 600 or 1200 which means the number of seconds Duplicacy will wait for the Shadow Copy operation to finish.

kevinvinv    Jun 2 9:07PM 2018

well neither one of those are present in the reg editor at the moment. Sigh... windows is such pain. Anyhow... thanks.

gchen    Jun 4 11:10AM 2018

HKCU actually means HKEY_CURRENT_USER The Duplicacy registry should appear under this root if you ran the Duplicacy installer with normal privileges. Otherwise it is under HKLM which is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

kevinvinv    Jun 4 11:23AM 2018

Oh, I didnt know that. thanks.

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