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Todo     Nov 6 9:31AM 2017 GUI


Wanted to know if this was possible with the GUI.

Want to create multiple jobs to backup folders into one repository on local server (some daily, some weekly and not encrypted). Then upload the chunks (using copy?) on a weekly basis to cloud in an encrypted state. If non crypt to encrypted is not possible with copy I could crypt both instances of course, just not sure how to do this via GUI.

Also wanted to ask if I need to copy the config files saved in each job file for the GUI as some backed up data will actually be more like an archive and so only the backup copy will be wanted. Seems the GUI needs to be pointed to these files or it cannot bring up the jobs.

gchen    Nov 6 3:24PM 2017

The current GUI version only has one repository. Multiple repository support will be introduced in version 2.1.0.

However, the copy command isn't available in the GUI so the only way is to use the CLI version.

If you meant the .duplicacy/preferences file, you can always recreate it with the same repository id and storage url. The repository id can be found if you list the snapshots dir on the storage. So there is no need to back up this file.

Todo    Nov 13 9:03AM 2017

With the current GUI I can still handle multiple jobs (as they are read from the config file in the repo), but will these be automated once set? And just to confirm that there is nothing 'wrong' with having multiple jobs hit the same storage directory, although to benefit from de-duplication do they have to be part of the same job?

gchen    Nov 13 12:02PM 2017

Yes, it is recommended to back up multiple directories to the same storage location in order to take advantage of cross-computer deduplication, and they don't need to be part of the same job.

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