Threads in the gui

kevinvinv     Oct 3 6:44PM 2017 GUI

Hello, can I get a quick explanation on the threads and rate limit settings in the gui?

gchen    Oct 3 8:12PM 2017

Threads is the number of uploading threads. Rate limit is the maximum total upload speed in kilobytes per second. For instance if you want to limit the upload speed to 1MB/s, then enter 1024 in the Threads box.

Note that the actual upload speed may be significantly higher than the rate limit due to compression and deduplication.

kevinvinv    Oct 3 9:23PM 2017

OK Thanks. As far as "uploading threads" go... what is that? Is this some sort of concurrent connection?

When I do a normal command line sftp operation I am not familiar with any sort of thread thing so I am just trying to get a handle on it.

Thanks for your patience!

gchen    Oct 4 9:51AM 2017

Yes, the number of uploading threads is the number of concurrent connections to the storage. That is used to upload multiple chunks simultaneously, one chunk per connection. Usually you want to many threads to max out your upload bandwidth.

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