clean install under windows 10

MrMole     Jun 6 3:09PM 2018 GUI

I am having a devil of a time setting up Duplicacy > B2 storage on my wife's PC. I've tried uninstalling the app; removing her .duplicacy folder, to now avail. I have a license code; how do I COMPLETELY remove all vestiges of known repositories etc? I don't find a preferences file under .duplicacy and can't figure out where the stale info. is coming from. Extremely frustrating when the 'info' command fails. Seems like specifying a password should be included with the b2 account and app info.

gchen    Jun 6 8:42PM 2018

The locations of repositories, as well as other configurations, are all stored in the registry under HKCU\Software\Duplicacy (or HKLM\Software\Duplicacy if you installed Duplicacy for all users). This registry key can be totally removed if you need a fresh install.

MrMole    Jun 7 8:05PM 2018

Thanks for the quick reply. I finally got it working by re-doing the B2 application key. I must have made a mistake in transcribing it. I very much appreciate the info. on the registry, however, should I need to wipe the slate clean! Working now!

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