Best practices when choosing B2 buckets

federico     Aug 8 8:07AM 2017 CLI

I'm experimenting with B2 and so far I'm quite happy.

I don't really know why, but I've ended up creating one bucket per <machine>-<directory> couple. So, for example, if I'm backing up directory /home/foo of machine bar, I create a B2 bucket named bar-home-foo.

After a while I've noticed that I'm creating lots of buckets, but on the other hand I feel more in control of what goes where. So if in the future I want to delete a bucket, it will affect only a specific directory.

I'm wondering how Duplicacy is used in production environments when sending data to B2, and if there are tips in this regards.

gchen    Aug 8 9:31AM 2017

You can do that, but the bucket names are shared by all B2 users so later you may find out that a bucket name you want may have already registered by another user. It is better to add a prefix to the bucket name that is likely to be used only by you.

Currently Duplicacy doesn't support using a directory as the storage rather than the entire bucket. Do you think adding this feature may help in your case?

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