Configure for multiple storages

kevinvinv     Dec 10 7:49PM 2017 GUI

I want to run duplicacy from the GUI to one storage and from a CLI to a different storage.

I want to back up the same repository to both storages and I'd rather not use the -add / - copy procedures... instead I'd like to do an entire second backup.

I am confused as to how to do this... will the .duplicacy directory handle this sort of thing properly?

gchen    Dec 10 10:03PM 2017

The GUI version always works on the first storage. That is, the storage initialized with the init command.

With the CLI version you add additional storages with the add command. To back up to a different storage other than the first one, specify the -storage option like:

duplicacy backup -storage storage_name

goldbattle    Dec 13 2:15PM 2017

Is this possible from the GUI, or a feature that will be added in the future to the GUI? Example use case:

  • Backup entire harddrive to NAS server
  • Backup just my "Pictures" and "Finances" folder to B2

Would be really nice to have the GUI sync both of those, and then restore would be select first the backup location > list revisions > list files.

gchen    Dec 13 3:45PM 2017

Multiple repositories will be supported in the new GUI version (available by the end of this week).

goldbattle    Dec 14 12:31PM 2017

Thank you! I am excited for the release!!

pc_wayne    Feb 7 11:23AM 2018

Is the new GUI ready? The file I downloaded this morning is still the same version from last November "duplicacy_installer_win64_2.0.9.exe".

gchen    Feb 8 12:22PM 2018

You can try the 2.1.0 beta version here:

JarnoP    May 9 4:11AM 2018

Does the 2.1.0 GUI support multiple storage (backup destinations) for the same repository? I cannot get it working.

gchen    May 9 10:46PM 2018

No, 2.1.0 doesn't support multiple storages.

JarnoP    May 10 8:42AM 2018

OK, is there a GUI version that supports multiple storages?

gchen    May 10 9:15PM 2018

Sorry, currently this isn't a GUI version that can support multiple storages. The next GUI version will be web-based and will support this feature.

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