Cannot backup to B2

alex     Oct 16 1:39PM 2016 GUI

I cannot backup to B2. I had v1.0.2 so I thought that installing 1.1.0 might fix it. alternate text

gchen    Oct 17 9:57AM 2016

Occasionally B2 servers will return EOF, but I think we already handle this error in the latest version. Can you turn on verbose logging and try again?

alex    Oct 24 9:54PM 2016

Hey, sorry for the long delay. I installed the new version and turned on verbose logging. I noticed that there was an unnecessary $RECYCLE.BIN on the drive, so I got rid of it. Now, I get this (on 1.1.1): alternate text

gchen    Oct 25 1:35PM 2016

This is a go bug that occurs when there is a symbolic link that was likely created using junction.exe. It has been fixed in the go repository but not in the latest release.

There is a new version 1.1.2 available on Please reinstall with this version and let me know if it fixes the bug.

alex    Oct 28 7:34AM 2016

Well, now I am getting a popup with "invalid activation code"... uninstalled, overwrote, nothing.

gchen    Oct 28 9:43AM 2016

Run regedit to remove the registry value License and Signature under HKCU/Software/Duplicacy. When you start Duplicacy again you will see the activation dialog where you can choose to start the 30-day trial.

Starting from version 1.1 we no longer offer free personal licenses.

alex    Oct 29 9:52AM 2016

Still getting EOF randomly. Imgur

gchen    Oct 31 11:59AM 2016

There was some problem with our error handling code -- it didn't retry on some code path. I uploaded a new version (1.1.3) which should fix this bug.

alex    Nov 5 12:33PM 2016

Now I'm getting some error code 408 and EOF in list_file_names. Imgur

gchen    Nov 8 11:53AM 2016

I uploaded a new version 1.1.4 that handles this 408 error. Please try again.

alex    Nov 13 2:02PM 2016

Ok, it'll upload a lot more now, but now I get list_file_names EOF and error code 400. Imgur

gchen    Nov 15 8:08AM 2016

There is a new version 1.1.5 which should handle this 400 error. Basically it will switch to another upload server if an http error is encountered.

alex    Nov 21 12:14PM 2016

I downloaded 1.1.6 and it worked! Subsequent backups are also working. Thank you very much.

gchen    Nov 22 8:07AM 2016

Great! Thank you so much for reporting these issues!

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