Licensing Question

kevinvinv     Nov 12 10:31AM 2017 GUI

Hello, I am enjoying your good product.

I have about 10 people in my circle of family and friends that back up to a small server in my home. We were using Crashplan but as you know... well- now I am looking at migrating everyone to duplicacy.

They are mostly fairly clueless about computers etc so I basically have to do all the work/setup/maintenance etc. This is all personal data- not company data.

If I want to buy them all licenses and get everything running on their computers, I assume I need to treat them all as different individuals- would that be right? Or can I buy 10 licenses under my name and use them on their computers.

I dont want to take advantage of your policies so I am asking what that would be in this case.

Thanks for your patience.

gchen    Nov 12 11:25AM 2017

The GUI license is per host, not per user. So I think it is perfectly fine for you to buy licenses for all computers on which you need to install Duplicacy.

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