kevinvinv     Sep 23 11:03PM 2017 GUI

This is a silly question in some sense.

I am wanting to use Duplicacy with my QNAP NAS.

The QNAP supports SFTP but the silly thing is that they only support sftp with the admin username and password. I have about 10 people I want to back up to my QNAP and I really dont want to give out my admin username and pw to those people.

QNAP does support normal ftp... but I am not sure if Duplicacy will ?

Any comments? Thanks for your time!

gchen    Sep 24 6:38PM 2017

ftp is such an old and insecure protocol, I'm not sure it is worth the effort to support it.

Are they running Windows? If so you can just set up network shares for them which are supported by Duplicacy.

kevinvinv    Sep 24 9:52PM 2017

I understand.

These users are remote users (even some in other countries). I understand your points on ftp. i am pretty mad at QNAP for their SFTP implementation... I'll try to work around the issue on their end.

Thanks again!

nikjft    Sep 25 4:54PM 2017

You can install OpenSSH on QNAP to enable multiple users to connect via SSH/SFTP with different permissions.

kevinvinv    Oct 4 8:33AM 2017

Thanks all.

I did finally get openSSH to install and run properly on my QNAP. Duplicacy seems to be working well at the moment with sftp to the QNAP. I am excited to add more users and see how this goes!

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