Path not founf in One Drive

Rafael     Apr 21 1:35AM 2017 GUI

I have the access token file and the directory "Backup" created at root in my OneDrive.

Error failed to load the OneDrive Storage at one://Backup: Path 'Backup' doesn't exist.

I've tried with ohers folders and same issu.

Thanks in advance

gchen    Apr 21 3:33PM 2017

It looks like there is some change in the responses of some OneDrive API calls that caused some weird behavior for Duplicacy. I'll release a fix tonight.

gchen    Apr 21 8:58PM 2017

This bug has been fixed in 1.2.4. If you download the installer again you will get this version.

Rafael    Apr 23 4:16AM 2017

Thanks a lot¡¡¡¡

Rafael    Apr 26 2:17PM 2017

I've tried for several days and the issue persist. I've unistalled, installed, regenerated the token and same issue.

Thanks in advance

gchen    Apr 26 9:33PM 2017

This is strange.

To confirm, I created a new onedrive account, authorized on, and then ran a backup. Everything worked as expected.

Could it be that you have multiple onedrive accounts and authorized a wrong one for Duplicacy to access?

Rafael    Apr 27 3:51AM 2017

You are right¡¡¡¡

I have a personal and a empresarial account with the same name and by default Duplicacy generates the token for the personal account. It's solved for me.


Rafael    Apr 28 5:33AM 2017

I can't use it with mi onedrive account within office365. Just with my personal onedrive account. It's that true?


gchen    Apr 28 8:06PM 2017

Right, the OneDrive business account has different requirements on the app registration and authorization that Duplicacy currently doesn't support.

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