I can't find com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy

lphelan     Apr 2 3:19PM 2018 GUI

I want Duplicacy to not show its windows on startup, so according to the guide I need to change HideOnStart to a value of 1.

I think I need more detailed instructions. For example, on my macOS High Sierra machine, I used cmd-shift-. to turn on display hidden files. I searched on the full system drive, and looked manually in /Library, ~/Library, and inside duplicacy.app. I couldn't find com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy or com.acrosync. for that matter. And if I found it, I'm not sure I'd know what to do with it.

gchen    Apr 2 3:41PM 2018

Run this command in terminal:

defaults write com.acrosync.mac.duplicacy HideOnStart 1

lphelan    Apr 2 5:43PM 2018

That is a magic command. It worked. Thanks!

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