Is trial version limited to one repository?

madars    Dec 28 7:57AM 2016 GUI

Hey, guys!

Im searching for software to use with Backblaze B2, so I downloaded a trial of Duplicacy, all looks great except it looks like I can only choose one repository to back up. But what if a user has files on two drives?

Please tell me that this limitation is only for trial version :)

gchen    Dec 29 10:38AM 2016

The GUI version was designed to be a wrapper around the CLI version so it can support only one repository. If you use the CLI version, you can set up multiple scheduled backup jobs, one for each repository, using system-specific task schedulers (for instance, Task Scheduler on Windows and launchd/cron on macOS).

Another workaround, if all your repositories needs the same schedule, is to link all repositories into a master repository using symbolic links. Duplicacy treats the first-level symbolic links that point to absolute paths differently -- it will follow them as if they were subdirectories. For all other symbolic links it will backup them as symbolic links.

madars    Jan 3 8:52AM 2017

Thank you very much, gchen! :) That answers all my questions

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