Uploaded file but failed to store

kevinvinv     Nov 14 9:00PM 2017 GUI

Hello, I am using the Windows GUI to send to an SFTP server.

I have been getting the following:

ERROR: Failed to upload the chunk e96a46200fb895(etc): Uploaded file but failed to store it at TomS/chunks/e9/6a/46200...: EOF

Just wondering if you have any ideas for what I should look for to troubleshoot.


kevinvinv    Nov 15 10:25AM 2017

Update: I believe my user may have been putting his computer to sleep mid-backup... this may be the cause. I have disabled sleep mode on that PC and hope now that the above issue will go away. Let's see :)

gchen    Nov 15 1:46PM 2017

That error usually indicates a temporary network issue. Going into the sleep mode might cause the network connection to be interrupted...

kevinvinv    Dec 3 6:52PM 2017

Seems like this was caused by the user putting the computer to sleep. No further issues once I disabled sleep. Thanks!

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