File Names With Cyrillic Letters

Inorganic     Aug 16 8:58AM 2016

There is an issue with file names with Cyrillic letters.

If the file name contains Cyrillic letters: Restore > List snapshots > List files.The file name is written with unreadable symbols in the File List window when trying to perform restore. Also, the file cannot be restored at all.

I tested in Windows environment using GUI. I don't know if it is the same for Cyrillic only or for any other language but English.

Naming files with Cyrillic letters is very common practice on all Cyrillic markets, including Russia.

It would be great if this issue gets a fix soon.

Another point - backup job list would be very useful.

Otherwise - great little program.

Thank you.

gchen    Aug 16 5:49PM 2016

I fixed this issue in version 1.0.1:

Inorganic    Aug 17 2:15AM 2016


Less than 9 hours for fixing and free of charge. Excellent job!

Thank you!

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