Cant backup multiple drives/folders?

borgqueenx     Oct 12 4:39PM 2017 GUI

I do not see any way in the windows GUI version to include certain paths/folders other then one fixed drive you are able to select. Is there a reason this does not work with Duplicacy? I tried many backup softwares and heard alot of good things about duplicacy. Unfortunatly I can't have a use for it, if i cannot simply backup multiple drives and folders. Or does a user need to make multiple repository's in order for this to work? How can we make more then 1? I do not see the settings. Can all of those work at the same time, if that works?


PS: its a bit silly duplicacy gives a error when a folder doesn't exist when selecting backup cloud storage. It should rather create the folder.

gchen    Oct 12 9:09PM 2017

The current GUI version doesn't support multiple repositories. A workaround is to create symbolic links under the root of the repository directory that point to other directories that you want to back up. Duplicacy will then follow these symbolic links and treat their targets as subdirectories of the repository.

The next major GUI version will support multiple repositories.

borgqueenx    Oct 13 9:22AM 2017

That's good to know! I guess i will wait for that then. I just hope it will give me the ability to try the software before the trial runs out. Do you have any idea what a possible release date might be? I'l keep my eyes on it then.

gchen    Oct 13 8:44PM 2017

The previous estimate for the new GUI version was the end of October, but it has been going slow so I'll have to push it back to the middle or end of November.

R.J. Smith    Nov 15 2:35PM 2017

Hmm, is there any chance I can gut an update on when this might be out? I am running Windows Server 2003 and can not create sym links, unless there is a different workaround.

gchen    Nov 15 10:25PM 2017

I still hope to get it out by the end of this month. It may be one week late considering next week is Thanksgiving, but it won't be too late since this is the only major thing I'm working on.

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