no option to install as service in 2.1

Kole     May 14 4:38PM 2018 GUI

In the user guide, it says we should be presented with the option to install Duplicacy as a service to enable running backups when no user is logged on, but the 2.1 installer doesn't give the option to install as a service. Please advise.

gchen    May 14 9:43PM 2018

If you run the installer as administrator you'll see the option to install for all users, and then at the last step there is an option to install the service.

You can also open a new DOS prompt window as administrator, and then run DuplicacyGUI64.exe -install to install the service.

Kole    May 15 5:07PM 2018

Thank. It's installed as a service now but it's not running according to the schedule. No entries in Event viewer and nothing in the Duplicacy log either.

Kole    May 15 5:12PM 2018

there's an entry in the event viewer that says:

Please run the program to activate a license first.

gchen    May 15 8:41PM 2018

You'll need to run the GUI as administrator first. Most likely you run the GUI without elevated privileges in which case the license (as well as all saved configurations) go to HKCU\Software\Duplicacy. When Duplicacy is running as administrator or as a service, the configurations are saved to and read from HKLM\Software\Duplicacy.

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