Possibility to move the software to another drive/directory

Elmar     Oct 19 6:09AM 2016

It's dealing with the latest version 1.1. Is it possible to move Duplicacy software to move to another drive or directory on my PC? I had no choice to select a directory, it forces installation in C:....\local\duplicacy which is not the place where application should be stored in (to my opinion). How can I move sw without corrupting functionality?

gchen    Oct 19 9:47AM 2016

An easy way is to run the installer as administrator, then it will be installed to c:\Program Files. If you do this, however, you'll need to run the installed program as administrator too, in order to set up the repository and the storage.

You can also manually copy the two exe files under the installation directory to any directory you want -- as long as these two files are under the same directory you should be fine.

Elmar    Oct 19 9:51AM 2016

Excellent service, thank you.

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