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Robert     Jan 29 5:15AM 2017

I have a question regarding how backup lists are stored.

If something happens to my machine and all data is lost will encrypted data stored on Backblaze B2 be accessible? Is there something additional that I need to backup to retain this ability?

gchen    Jan 29 11:28PM 2017

No, there is no need to backup anything. On a new machine once you connect to the same B2 bucket you'll be able to see previous backups made by the old machine. This is because backups are stored under the 'snapshots' directory on the storage, and each machine has a unique host id, which is used as the name of the subdirectory under 'snapshots'.

Here is how directory structure on the storage looks like:

├── config
├── chunks
└── snapshots
    ├── host1
    │   ├── 1
    │   └── 2
    └── host2
        ├── 1
        ├── 2
        └── 3

Of course, if you choose to encrypt the storage, you'll have to remember the password or save it somewhere. That password isn't saved on the storage (but is used to encrypt/decrypt the 'config' file shown above).

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