Backup chunks questions

DCI     Mar 6 3:22PM 2018 GUI

We are planning to use Duplicacy to backup veeam backup files to BackBlaze B2 storage.

1) In th2 B2 bucket I see a whole bunch of chunks, no normal looking files. Is this due to the Duplicacy encryption, or is this just standard?

2) if this is just standard working, then if B2 were to send us a hard drive with all of our data, we would first need to run everything through Duplicacy to get all the file chunks back to normal, then run our restore with Veeam? Would there be any way to skip the Duplicacy restore?

gchen    Mar 6 9:39PM 2018

1) Duplicacy breaks files into chunks and saves chunks in the storage. Even without encryption you'll see chunks in the storage rather than the original files.

2) Because of 1) the restore operation is needed to recover the original files, so there is really no way to skip it.

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