What can be done without a license?

sshanky     Nov 11 1:45PM 2016


I am trying out Duplicacy and like it so far. What happens if for some reason I don't have a license (say, for example, that you stop developing it and it's no longer possible to purchase a license)? What functionality is restricted? I would like to know that not matter what I can at least restore all files needed.


gchen    Nov 12 10:31AM 2016

If you purchase a commercial license then you'll have the access to the latest source code of the command line version. The GUI version is just a wrapper around the CLI version, so with the source code you'll be able to build your own binary and restore all files.

sshanky    Nov 14 12:22AM 2016

Thanks. To clarify, I was trying to ensure that say, for example, you shut down your company and no longer offered support and I couldn't buy a license. Could I always at least restore files? once committing to this I would like to know there are no risks of loss of functionality in an extraordinary situation.

gchen    Nov 14 9:54PM 2016

You can always use the CLI version to restore files from backups without a license. I just updated the license section on our github page to reflect this permission.

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