Question: Validating data?

borgqueenx     Oct 22 8:31AM 2017 GUI

Because for during my trial i cant seem to find a way to contact you/the team, i am curious to know if duplicacy validates data now and then? So that if there are missing chunks or data, it reuploads them and shows me wich ones had problems and what was fixed? Thanks!

gchen    Oct 22 7:30PM 2017

The check command by default checks if all chunks referenced by a snapshot/backup exists. However, it doesn't validate chunks. The only way to validate a backup is to run the check command with the -verify option which basically restores all files on the fly and compare their hashes with those in the snapshot.

See this thread about missing chunks.

kevinvinv    Dec 3 6:56PM 2017


Is there really a -verify option to -check? I am not seeing it anywhere in the help etc. Nor can I get it to work :)

gchen    Dec 3 8:12PM 2017

Oops, I meant the -files option which will download every file and verify each has the correct hash. The '-verify' option is something I've been thinking about which will verify each chunk (so that one chunk will be downloaded only once).

kevinvinv    Dec 4 12:33AM 2017

could I ask for a quick clarification on what you mean by "file"?

Is it the CHUNK file or are you talking about the original file before packing etc or ?


gchen    Dec 4 2:21PM 2017

I meant the original file before packing. Since multiple files in the same or different backups may share the same chunk, when you run check -files a chunk may be downloaded multiple times. The -verify option would not have this problem.

kevinvinv    Dec 4 6:10PM 2017

I see. I like the -verify option :)

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